Packing = Exercise!

Wow! This packing stuff is really exhausting! Okay, it’s not like our move was so long ago that I don’t remember that but it is amazing the muscles that you use to pack and move boxes that you don’t use at other times. Let me clarify…I don’t use those muscles at other times. LOL. It is also amazing how many steps you can get in when you aren’t walking any distance. So, this is just good old exercise!

We made good progress yesterday so it certainly doesn’t feel like a daunting project to get accomplished in a short time. It is different packing and moving someone else. When you are moving yourself you think about everything you are sorting and packing and planning where it is going to go in your new home. You try not to take too much stuff. Well, since I don’t have to figure out where it is going to go at the other end I don’t have to think about how much has to be packed other than getting the packing done. Donna is purging a lot which is good and we do have a box count that we are trying to stick to.


The photo for today is Donna cleaning out the bar! Sadly, no alcohol was consumed while we were sorting through it. It would have been lots more fun but I don’t think we would have accomplished as much then. 😉


We had dinner with some of their friends last night. The farewell dinners are starting to happen. That is the not fun part of moving away. Although they know they will be coming back here on a regular basis so they will get to see their friends and family when they do. It was great meeting their friends and I feel that I made new friends. Thanks Donna and Carl and the gang for including me.

Today, is going to be another busy day of sorting and packing. However we have a few other things on the agenda. Shopping at a special shop that Donna has given me tons of gifts from before and I have always wanted to visit. Definitely going to need another suitcase going home as these will be things I can’t get back home in Spain.

We also have family time today as we are going to my cousin Brian and his wife Michele’s house for dinner. It will be great to spend some time with them and get some crazy family photos taken also.

Time to get back to it.

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