Exploring, Viladellops Village, Vineyard

If This Tree Could Talk

Hanna and I had a lovely hike this morning exploring parts of the vineyard property that I haven’t seen before. I have some great things to share with you as to what we saw. Watch this space.

Today I’m going to focus on one tree. One gorgeous 1000-year-old Olive tree. We were both in awe as we checked it out. At first sad as it was clearly not the grand tree it had once been. Burnt inside at some point, possibly struck by lightning. Who knows how it really became burnt or when this really happened.

Such character. We both immediately thought there was a story to be told about it.


Do you see a head? What story would you write about this?


Interesting plants growing out of this once majestic tree. Still sustaining some life.


I wonder what truly happened to it.


Now do you see the head?


I would love to see time lapse photos of how this tree created this circular pattern.



What do you see in this tree? A face? Outspread arms?


Welcoming or menacing?


It wasn’t until we were ready to continue our hike that I saw the outstretched right arm was holding up beautiful new branches.


This incredible 1000-year-old Olive tree isn’t dead. It hasn’t given up even though life had obviously thrown it some curve-balls. It has adapted. Made some adjustments. Probably had a few good cries (we all do) and then just picked itself up and kept going. That’s what life is all about. Not how many times you get knocked down. It’s about how many times you stand back up.

“I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.”

~Willa Cather, 1913

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