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La Primavera Picnic at Albet i Noya Winery

Ah, Spring. La Primavera! A time to celebrate beginnings. A fresh start. Something new.

We discovered a new favorite everyday wine while under our COVID restrictions here in Catalunya. Unable to get to the store where we bought one of our everyday wines…we were forced to try new wines. So, we chose four or five different wines at the grocery store and tried them. We discovered a few new favorites but one of which we particularly liked. The wine, Albet i Noya, Petit Albet, a young red wine. According to their website:

A carefree young wine made with the Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Grenache varieties. An ideal red to serve cold during summer evenings or to accompany white meat dishes or salads.

Jovial-looking wine, with an intense cherry red color and violet tones. Aromas of sweet and red fruit stand out with a light mouthfeel and very soft tannins.

I started following the winery on Instagram and noticed a couple of weeks ago they offered a special picnic in their vineyard to celebrate la primavera. Eight different locations throughout the vineyard that we could choose from. Social distancing at its best. For 20€ per person we had a bottle of wine or cava and a picnic lunch. We reserved our spot. The winery is only fifteen minutes from us.

I must say it was a incredible experience from the minute we arrived. We were greeted and shown to our table, asked what we would like to drink and that and the picnic lunch were delivered while we took in the incredible view.

The smile says it all.

The cava was exceptional for a picnic in the glorious spring sunshine. The picnic included more food than we could eat in one sitting. We ate, drank, soaked in the sun, and the view. We toasted to our life, to where we live, and to living our dream.

A perfect spot
Life is very good

The winery employees were engaging and educated us on the vineyard’s history. Bob asked if they made a rosé cava which they do and we had a tasting of that as well. We were given a map of the vineyard to wander about on our own. The map included the varieties of vines in the various plots which we loved.

We purchased a couple of cases of wine and a couple of different bottles of cava. While they were getting those for us, Bob noticed in their display that they also make a Syrah…our all-time favorite. Although not at a price point for us to drink daily we bought a bottle to try. Which we did when we arrived home and sat in the sunshine in our garden. OMG! It was luscious! WOW!

Albet i Noya took photos of some of us and shared it on their social media. Bob provided a review for them on Google and they wrote a personal note of gratitude to him. They also followed up to our reservation email with a thank you note and a discount for their online store. To say we are impressed would be an understatement. They know how to do things right and we would highly recommend a visit to their winery.

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