Tears and Leaves in the Vineyard

The vines are awake from their winter sleep. Even though we’ve lived in this vineyard for four years (time flies) we are still in awe watching the life cycle of the vines. Nature is amazing.

I was able to catch a couple of photos of the “tears” on the vines this year. This happens when the temperatures increase and the sap pushes up and out of the cuts in the vines. It’s amazing how a tiny drop of sap seen out of the corner of my eye will stop me in my tracks.

Last Monday morning while I was out picking wild asparagus, I reached for one piece that was a little bit too out of reach. The result…I did get the piece of asparagus but I also tweaked my lower back. This wasn’t the first time and by the way the muscles immediately tightened I knew it was bad. So, I walked very carefully back home and spent the rest of the day flat on my back in bed. It is slowly getting better and because I have been through this before I know not to push it. Anyway, prior to then I had only seen a couple of leaves on the vines. Few enough that I could have counted them. So, after recuperating for four days I went for an easy walk yesterday morning. I was amazed to see that the leaves are popping out all over.

The leave in the photo below looks to made of fabric. Nature is amazing.

No way I could count the leaves now.

I think it would be cool to create a time lapse video of one of the vines. Some day, perhaps. Until then, I will try to choose a few different vines and chronicle their changes with photos.

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