Xan & Bob

More Than Seven Crazy Years!

What a day it has been! My amazing husband Bob just published his memoir! He started writing this ten years ago and only recently picked it back up to finish. Truthfully he did a lot of rewriting and made changes to it. A dear friend in Australia, Bruce Polain, has been the catalyst to Bob finally getting this out into the world. Thanks, Bruce for all of your encouragement, proofreading, and suggestions! We really appreciate it!

So, Bob has had a very interesting and exciting life. He designs and builds motor racetracks and does expert witness work. This book focuses mainly on “Seven Crazy Years” – The Formula One and Motorcycle Grands Prix Years 1985-1991. Oh with so much more though!

“This is the story of how a boy from the wrong end of London came to build and promote some of the best and iconic motor racetracks and events in the world. After graduating as a Civil Engineer Bob emigrated to Australia and continued in the profession until unexpectedly being thrust into Adelaide’s bid for the F1 Grand Prix. Bob tells of the highs and lows, three wives, four continents, and two bankruptcies.

Best known for his Australian adventures, including promoting Frank Sinatra at Sanctuary Cove, Bob has been working for over 35 years in improving and innovating tracks worldwide. This has resulted in winning awards of excellence for both construction and event management including Formula One, MotoGP, World Sportscars, and NASCAR.

Bob has continued to construct tracks for karts and for ordinary performance car users on private club courses across America.

This is a unique insight into the world of track construction and life as a race promoter.”

His author-proof copy arrived today and after making a couple of tweaks he has published it. We have been sharing the link with everyone. Now, this wasn’t what I was going to blog about today but when something so fantabulous happens your focus can be shifted.

So excited to share the link!!!



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