Family, Friends, Xan & Bob

Hello? Hello, is there anyone out there?

Hello? Hello, is there anyone out there? Is that you…waving from your window? HELLO! Can you see me waving back?! How are you doing? Are you coping okay? Good days and bad days, huh? Yes, me too. So far there have been more good days than bad…I’m hoping it will stay that way. I find that if I get off of social media for a while it helps me stay positive.

Since most of us are in lockdown or stay home situation what are you doing to keep yourself sane? I am missing my walks in the vineyard but it is a small price to pay during this time. I am enjoying looking back through the thousands of photos that I have taken and reminding myself that Mother Nature has things under control outside and I’ll be able to enjoy it again soon.



Oh and I’ve made a lemon tart, lemon cookies (THEY ARE SO YUMMY), lemon curd, and kumquat marmalade! There is one slice of tart left so I’ll be making another one over the weekend.




We’ve been very busy doing the final edit on my husband’s memoir and yesterday we uploaded it to and ordered our author proof copy! OMG!!! This is so exciting! He wrote it about ten years ago and then didn’t touch it again until recently. He sent a pdf of it to a good friend of ours in Australia who made some great suggestions and encouraged Bob to get it published. So Bob has spent a lot of time making major changes to the original manuscript and now we have finished the long editing process. We can’t wait to have it in our hands and then share the link with everyone.

That’s him getting sprayed with champagne!


Now I am shifting my attention back to writing my book. What a great time to focus on a dream.

How are you staying connected to family and friends? My sisters and I Skype every Sunday so that’s how we stay connected. Lots of WhatsApp messages with them and other family and friends around the globe. Last Friday we had a virtual dinner with our neighbors/friends here in the village and one who used to live here. It was so much fun. We all sat down at 8:30pm with our dinners and logged onto a Zoom call together. It was so great to see everyone! We are doing it again tonight!


Are any of you keeping a gratitude journal? If not, this might be a great time to start. Each day write five things are grateful for. Write a list of the things that you took for granted before the pandemic swept the globe. The things within your home that bring you joy. When you are feeling down, or scared, or worried read what you’ve written in your gratitude journal because it just might be the mood shift you need. ♥

I’ll end today’s post with a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to all of the healthcare workers on the frontline! Thank you for everything you are doing for all of us. Thank you also to all the other essential workers out there. We appreciate you!

Stay safe and Stay home everyone!



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