Xan & Bob

Unprecedented Changes

Life is about changes. Some we like. Some we don’t like. Some we have control over. Some we have no control over.

There were changes here in the vineyard that I wanted to tell you about last week. They may seem a bit insignificant now though.

Changes like wild asparagus season is over. It was tasty while it lasted.

The wonderful sheep that were staying here in the vineyard have moved on to greener pastures now that the vines have started to sprout their new leaves. The past few days the sheep have been grazing on a neighboring property that we can see from our living room window. So, at least I can still hear the soothing sound of the bells that some of them were around their necks.

I did find this asparagus plant covered with the sheep’s wool…and the perfect piece of asparagus in the middle. A final farewell from both I think.



We are now on Day 7 of lockdown here in Catalunya and that is definitely a change we have no control over. In one of my online writing communities, we have talked about how we are ‘lucky’, if I can use that word, that we now have the internet and social media and as we are staying home we can still connect to loved ones around the globe. That is an incredible blessing.

Here we are able to go to the grocery store (only 1 of us can go and you must stay 1.5 meters away from others), the doctor’s office, the pharmacy, and travel to an essential job. The stores are being kept stocked and at least the stores we have been to there are no hoarding issues. Essentials jobs…well…those vary. The vineyard workers (agricultural) are still working which makes sense. They are still working on reconstructing the house next to us which, to me, may not be essential but at least it keeps them working.  Thankfully our local auto mechanic, AutoTec in Canyelles is still open as we needed them Wednesday. We take our recycling and trash to a central location in the village and Bob loaded it in the car (as we do) and…the car wouldn’t start. UGH! He sent a text to the mechanic who came thirty minutes later. Jump started the car and took it in to check it. Less than an hour later they had replaced the battery and it was ready. Phew. Not that we are allowed to go anywhere but you certainly don’t want to be stuck if you need it.

These are scary and difficult days for all of us but we will get through them. The sun will continue to rise and set (even on a cloudy day when we can’t see it).



Please be smart and take this seriously. Stay home. Don’t give up hope. This is not the end of the world…it is just a moment in time.

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