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Life Only Changes If You Do

September is when we would always come to Sitges for vacation, so it is filled with memories. I love that Facebook memories remind me of where I was and what I was doing.

This memory popped up two days ago. Four years ago we visited this village for the first time. A year and a half later we were living here. How amazing is that?


Three days before the above post I posted this photo with the statement, “Bob and I have made a major decision.” My boss at the time asked if she should go ahead and post my job. Oh, I was so tempted to say YES…for many reasons. 😉


A couple months before we returned the following year for vacation we talked about possibly moving to Spain sometime at the end of 2017. During our two weeks here in 2016, the stars aligned and everything fell into place. Except we would be moving here in six months not twelve to eighteen months. ACK! You can read more about that in my early posts.

Even though we have now been here two and a half years there are times when it still seems surreal. Memories of past Septembers just bring these thoughts to my mind. What would our life be like if we had stayed in North Carolina? That’s probably pretty simple…it would be the same that it was.

Life only changes if you do.


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