Beach, Xan & Bob

Last Week of Summer 2019

Did you realize that this past week was the last week of Summer? Autumn begins on Monday. Time is still flying by. The good thing is that Bob and I are doing our best to enjoy every day. I say doing our best because let’s be honest, the outside world and life can sometimes be challenging. But, we try and most days we are winning.

Bob has been really busy with work but we’ve tried to carve out a little beach time. We know that soon that will be ending so we are determined to enjoy it as much as we can. The sea temperature has dropped to 79°F (26°C) which is still warm but WOW the change is noticeable when you first get in the water. The beach is empty now.




Thursday, we did a bit of snorkeling with our Subea masks. We absolutely LOVE these full-face snorkeling masks. The water was crystal clear and there are so many fish. It seriously is like being inside your own private aquarium.

We bought Subea fins this past Spring in anticipation of using them while snorkeling. Well, we used them for about 5 minutes and decided that was all too hard. We don’t need them for what we are doing and wow…they are so difficult to put on and then get in the water and also difficult to put them on in the water. So…we haven’t used them again.


Yesterday, we didn’t have any beach time but we had a full day and night of celebrating another trip around the sun for Bob! This man has completely changed my life and to be honest…I celebrate having him in my life every day. This is one of my favorite photos of Bob which I took in 2016 on the day we renewed our wedding vows at Alfresco. ♥♥♥


Of course, we had dinner at Alfresco Restaurant last night. Perfect as always. Thanks, Xavi.


These two. ♥♥


And today…well, today Bob is on his way to the States for work. A very quick five-day trip.

Time is flying by…what are you doing to make the most of each day?



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