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500th Blog Post on My 2 Year Blog Anniversary

Today I am celebrating! Big time! Today is my two year anniversary of starting my blog... and... drum roll please...my FIVE HUNDREDTH BLOG POST! What a journey this has been so far. As my sister Vicky said to me yesterday, 'This is proof that when you set your heart and mind to something, you can… Continue reading 500th Blog Post on My 2 Year Blog Anniversary

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Bob the birthday boy

I like to celebrate birthdays! I think that the day you were born is pretty darn awesome and it should be a day to celebrate YOU! People who hate their birthdays or grumble because they are getting older are missing the point. Having another birthday is better than the alternative! Bob learned pretty early on… Continue reading Bob the birthday boy

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Amongst Friends, Part 3

Have you ever been invited to a gathering/celebration/holiday where you know hardly anyone? Perhaps you know a few of the people but everyone else there has known each other for years. There's a strong connection between them. They are a family. They have inside jokes and stories about each other. "Remember when..." If you have… Continue reading Amongst Friends, Part 3