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Be Alive!

I will be celebrating my 55th birthday tomorrow. I know there are some people who aren't excited about birthdays but I for one LOVE THEM! I mean, think about it...the alternative to a birthday is pretty grim. So, I choose to celebrate. And by celebrate I don't mean a huge party and piles of gifts.… Continue reading Be Alive!

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Fantabulous Fifty-Four!

Yesterday, I celebrated another trip around the sun. Celebrated my fifty-fourth birthday. Celebrated my life. I've always been someone who loves birthdays. I don't mean being lavished with gifts. I mean celebrating the fact that I was born and although I am far from perfect...I am damn happy about who I have grown to be.… Continue reading Fantabulous Fifty-Four!

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Bob the birthday boy

I like to celebrate birthdays! I think that the day you were born is pretty darn awesome and it should be a day to celebrate YOU! People who hate their birthdays or grumble because they are getting older are missing the point. Having another birthday is better than the alternative! Bob learned pretty early on… Continue reading Bob the birthday boy