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Enjoying the Passing of Time

Well, we’re half way through December. My last post was the day before Thanksgiving. Time seems to have flown since then. Oh, let’s be honest…it was flying before that as well.

We enjoyed a “different” Thanksgiving with only four friends. As always there was plenty of food and laughter to go around. After dinner we watched Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. No subtitles needed as it is all just a bit of fun.

I spent a couple of days decorating for Christmas. Every year it seems like so much work but every year I am thrilled when I stand back and see how beautiful it is. Holidays are always an emotional time for me. I love them but they also take me back to memories of growing up and special family times. Just hanging some of the decorations and ornaments can bring a tear or a smile…or both.

I’ve also enjoyed my morning walks. I love that quiet time when the world is so still and the awakening day is full of possibility.

I stumbled across the remains of a stone hut when I decided to walk a trail in the opposite direction than I normally do. It’s not visible from the other direction. Pretty cool.

There have been beautiful sunsets to enjoy.

There have been celebrations since I last posted. Our daughter got married and due to Covid-19 and all of the restrictions in place around the globe we were unable to be in Australia in person. Thankfully, she called us on WhatsApp with live video and handed her phone to a friend who kindly shared the ceremony with us. We opened a bottle of cava at 11:30 a.m. so that we could toast them while they celebrated. Of course we would much rather have been there but it’s 2020 and we have to be flexible. Congratulations Dani and Wayne! ♥

We celebrated a dear friend’s 55th birthday with a little surprise party. A small party due to current gathering restrictions here but fun had by all.

Hmmm…what else?! I have been learning a new (new to me) software, Scrivener, which is a word-processing and outliner for authors. It is very powerful and will make writing and organizing and brainstorming my novels so much easier. I’m in the process of uploading and entering everything I have so far into the software and taking time to tweak it all so that I can get back to just writing. I have written parts of the first three books in the series so this will make it easier to have everything in one place instead of just separate word documents. Anyway, I’m glad I made the decision to take the time to learn and setup the software and looking forward to more writing.

Time flies but I am enjoying every moment I can.

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