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Fantabulous Fifty-Four!

Yesterday, I celebrated another trip around the sun. Celebrated my fifty-fourth birthday. Celebrated my life.

I’ve always been someone who loves birthdays. I don’t mean being lavished with gifts. I mean celebrating the fact that I was born and although I am far from perfect…I am damn happy about who I have grown to be. Age is just a number. Currently being in the Fantabulous Fifties is wonderful.

I didn’t want to do anything spectacular for my birthday…just wanted to enjoy the day and focus on all the positive vibes.

It started with a beautiful sunrise.




When I returned from my walk and turned on my laptop I was greeted with this. Not sure if I like this or not. I know Google knows everything…but…hmmm.


We started the day with homemade blueberry pancakes from scratch and mimosas. We then went into Sitges and just wandered around the shops. I bought two beautiful Pashminas that were so inexpensive (€5 or $5.50 each) that I might need to go look at the others they had. We stopped for tapas and a glass of wine for lunch. The people-watching is always fun in Sitges and yesterday didn’t disappoint. Then back home for a few hours before we returned to Sitges for dinner. We wandered the town and seafront again and got to see the end of the sunset. The rain held off (you were right RNP!).


The day was just relaxed and fun and the best part was I got to spend it with this guy!


When we were in town earlier in the day we walked past our favorite hat shop and noticed a lady trying on a fabulous hat. Wait, we noticed the fabulous HAT that a lady was trying on. Yes, that’s better. It was stunning. So, on the way to dinner, we stopped in and I tried the fabulous hat on. Awesome…but…there was another one that was even more fabulous. A very Spanish hat. So…I now have a new hat. I need to take a photo of me wearing it and will share that with you!

On to dinner at Alfresco’s…our dear friend Xavi’s restaurant and our favorite. We had THE special table which just happens to be the same spot where we renewed our wedding vows in 2016. ♥♥♥ The restaurant was packed but we did get to spend some quality time with Xavi which made the night perfect.


Dinner was absolutely exquisite! Birthday song singing followed. Thank you, Xavi for capturing these photos!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Throughout the day and night, I was blessed with birthday greetings from family and friends around the world. Birthday cards arrived that had me in tears and others that made me laugh. Being so far away from so many people that I love is difficult but I’m thankful that snail mail and social media can keep us connected. Thank you to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes.


4 thoughts on “Fantabulous Fifty-Four!”

  1. What a beautiful day!!! I’d totally help celebrate you. And…to be honest, I agree the google thing is a bit umm, odd! Happy Belated Day! May your next journey around be full of incredible, joyful, and fascinating experiences and thank you for sharing so much wonder with those who follow and are blessed by you.

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