What She Had To Offer Was Enough

I’m sure that you have heard that it is the little things in life. The little things that matter. The little things that you’ll remember. The little things that bring you joy. The little things that make you smile.

I have become pretty attached to the vineyard, the vines, and the grapes. I take time to notice the subtle changes day to day. Yes, I do talk to the vines and the grapes, just as I do to the flowers in our garden. ♥

The other day I noticed this vine and this precious one little bunch of grapes. I stopped and took a photo and talked to it. I encouraged it to not compare itself to the other vines around. Don’t discount what it has to offer just because it is one bunch. That bunch counts!

I think she looks like she is holding it up with her arm…offering what she has and knowing that it is enough. There’s a lesson there, I think.



Her neighbors.


A day later they harvested this plot of vines. I was thrilled when I walked by today and noticed that…indeed what she had to offer was enough. She stands proudly still knowing that what she had was enough and it doesn’t matter what her neighboring vines might think.



You Do You!


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