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Bob the birthday boy

I like to celebrate birthdays! I think that the day you were born is pretty darn awesome and it should be a day to celebrate YOU!

People who hate their birthdays or grumble because they are getting older are missing the point. Having another birthday is better than the alternative!

Bob learned pretty early on that there is no fighting a birthday celebration with me and he hasn’t tried to pretend it is just another day. I know he enjoys how fun and silly I try to make them.

Yesterday my guy turned 72 years young and we spent the day celebrating HIM! A beautiful sunrise (which he did not see as he was still sleeping).





We started the celebration with mimosas and blueberry pancakes from scratch which we enjoyed in our garden.


Then off to the beach. It was without a doubt the BEST day at the beach we have had. Absolutely calm. The water was crystal clear which made for the absolute best snorkeling. There were only about 6 other couples on the beach. It was PERFECT! We read our books, we talked, we snorkeled, we swam, we daydreamed and we enjoyed each moment.



In the evening we wandered into Sitges to stroll around before dinner. It was a gorgeous night.




We arrived at Alfresco Restaurant around 8:30pm which is a bit early for dinner here but we wanted some time with our dear friend Xavi before his restaurant was packed.

These two guys! ♥♥♥


We had a fabulous dinner (as always) and Xavi and his amazing staff made our evening so special. A lovely bottle of vino with dinner. Bob got to enjoy most of it as I was the designated driver.



We were in no rush so we enjoyed the ambiance while watching the other patrons come and go.

We ordered cheesecake for dessert and Xavi brought out a bottle of cava which the three of us enjoyed together.





The three of us sat and talked for easily an hour while the staff were busy cleaning up and closing everything down. We left there after 1 a.m. and made our way home. A leisurely evening.

Bob said that this was his best birthday EVER! That’s exactly what I wanted it to be. Here’s to many more!

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