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Glass of wine well-earned

I sure am glad we escaped to the beach yesterday afternoon. Even though I didn’t get a great night’s sleep last night I charged through the day getting so much accomplished.

Our night was interrupted first by the sound of a tractor shortly after 3am. Then the sound of the harvester and the tractor slowing making their way through the village. I got up to have a look as I haven’t seen the harvester in action this year and it is such a cool machine.

Last year’s photos.



It is quite eerie hearing them and seeing the lights but not being able to see them until they pass the kitchen window. If it wasn’t 3 in the morning I would have followed them. Within a couple of minutes they had crossed the field in front of our gate and headed down the back road to one of the plots up the hill. Back to bed I went. Just getting back to sleep when I heard the rain starting. I got out of bed again to close the windows so the rain didn’t pour inside. Then just getting back to sleep when the thunder started. Seriously!?

I gave up trying to sleep rather early this morning and decided to just get some work done. It was still raining when I got up and I could have easily let it dampen my mood. (pun intended) Instead I took on a different attitude. I was going to get a lot accomplished today. Head down. Computer on. To-do list items getting checked off. I was not going to get grumpy about sitting at my desk all day. I was not going to get grumpy if the rain continued all day. I was not going to get grumpy because I had hung some towels out to dry last night and thanks to the rain they were wetter than when I hung them out. It may have been raining outside but it was going to be sunshine inside! Positive attitude!

Well, I had a great day! I got two major projects completed. They took me all day but that’s okay. They are done. I am exhausted but I feel great! I feel accomplished. I feel relieved that the projects are done. I am actually proud of myself for keeping the grumpies at bay.

Bob has poured me this lovely glass of wine and I think I’ve earned it. So, cheers everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic day!


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