Beach, Xan & Bob

An escape to the beach

There is nothing quite like rewarding yourself with something that completely restores your spirit. A million (perhaps a slight exaggeration) other things on the to-do list that need to be done but the beach was calling us.

I was up before the dawn working on accounting stuff this morning and then we had an appointment in Sitges along with other errands. We decided to have lunch in town and as we sat there enjoying the tapas and people watching we talked about what to do this afternoon. It doesn’t matter what day it is…I always have a list of things that I need or want to do. As I said in yesterday’s blog it is important to stop and take a moment for yourself. The list will always be there and to have a couple hours on the beach would do wonders for the soul.

We drove home from Sitges, changed into our swim suits, and drove back to the beach. We had been to the beach twice last week and it was like the switch had been thrown…the tourists have returned home, the kids are back in school, and the beach was fairly empty.

Today the difference was even more noticeable. We had our beach back. Okay, I know it isn’t “our” beach but to us it is.







Look how empty the beach is! Heaven!!!


The bar and restaurant at Sausalito beach has now changed their hours to weekends only and will close for the season in mid-October. Just a reminder that our beach time (sunbathing and swimming) will be coming to an end soon.


We even saw the elderly couple that we used to see on our September vacations here. Familiar faces even though we have never met. We know their beach routine as we have seen it each September since 2013. Welcome back.

It was a gorgeous day. The water is still warm and inviting.




The sound of the waves has such a calming effect on me. The sound always brings me back to memories of beach combing with my parents in California. Long walks and talks that I treasure.

Beach time and random beach time (like today) was a big part of our decision to make this lifestyle change. It’s important to both of us that we remember that.

While we are at the beach we can close out the world for a short time and just be.


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