Xan & Bob

Nature’s Inspiration

Did you take time this week to just stop and look at nature's beauty? A cloud? The sunlight? A tree? A flower in your garden? I did and it was spectacular! And this...the incredible 1,400 year old Olive tree. How many sunrises and sunsets has it seen? And yesterday while we worked in the garden… Continue reading Nature’s Inspiration

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An escape to the beach

There is nothing quite like rewarding yourself with something that completely restores your spirit. A million (perhaps a slight exaggeration) other things on the to-do list that need to be done but the beach was calling us. I was up before the dawn working on accounting stuff this morning and then we had an appointment… Continue reading An escape to the beach

Xan & Bob

Stop and take a moment for yourself

Life can be crazy at times. But we must remember to stop. Stop and breathe in and out. Stop and take in the sights and sounds around us. Stop and relax. We must sometimes stop to remember what is important in life. Whatever you have going on in your life today please stop and take… Continue reading Stop and take a moment for yourself

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Tranquility or Insanity…the choice was ours

Bob returned from London last night. Although he was only away for 3 days we were in need of some "us" time. Our choices were to go to Festa Major in Sitges as it is one of the big days for the festival or go to the beach. As much as we wanted to go… Continue reading Tranquility or Insanity…the choice was ours