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500th Blog Post on My 2 Year Blog Anniversary

Today I am celebrating! Big time! Today is my two year anniversary of starting my blog…



drum roll please…my



What a journey this has been so far. As my sister Vicky said to me yesterday, ‘This is proof that when you set your heart and mind to something, you can accomplish anything.’ Thank you, Vicky! That is so very true.

Last year on my one year blog anniversary I wrote this post titled, A Year of Clicking Publish and Holding My Breath.

Here is a link to my very first post, three weeks after we had moved to Spain. What a crazy time that was.

I still have days where I struggle with what to write…you know on those days when the most excitement was doing laundry and cleaning house. When I started this blog my plan was to write six days a week. You can tell from the post numbers that this did not happen. I used to beat myself up for this, but I had to change my mindset when I started writing my first novel. I had to accept that I cannot do everything. Let’s be honest, none of us can do everything. So, we make choices. I decided not to stress about writing a blog on those exciting days of laundry and housework. 😉 Or when I simply had nothing to say whether exciting or boring.

A big shout out and thank you to all of you readers! To those of you who have been with me since the beginning and those of you who might be reading my blog for the first time.

Also, a huge thank you to my biggest supporter, my husband Bob. His encouragement, love, support, and patience make me following my dream possible. ♥♥♥



To my sisters Sandy and Vicky – a huge thank you for all of your love and support. I miss you!!♥♥

To the rest of my family and friends thank you for your encouragement and support!♥

I hope that you are enjoying what you are reading here. I would love to hear your comments and if there is something you would like to know more about please let me know.

I am off to celebrate some more (I love that we live in a place where it is completely acceptable to open a bottle of cava at 11am!) Cheers!




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