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Memories of Easter Past

Happy Easter or Happy Passover or just a Happy Sunday to all. Here in Spain, Easter is a four day weekend where pretty much everything closes. We haven’t heard this year’s prediction but last year the transportation department predicted that 400,000 cars would leave Barcelona for the weekend. Which means places like Sitges become very crowded for the four days. We completely avoid it. I made sure to get all of the grocery shopping done by Wednesday so that I didn’t have to brave the last minute shoppers on Thursday.

The weather hasn’t been very nice the past few days. Cloudy and extremely windy. Threats of rain but not much happening. Looking out the windows we’ve been watching the dirt road being swept up in the gusts of wind and although the temperatures have been around 60°F (15.5°C) it does not feel very warm. Looking forward to blue skies and warmer temperatures soon…oh and less wind.

Today I’m reminiscing of Easter as a kid and as a kid at heart.

My sister Vicky, my Mom, and me in Pennsylvania. hmm…looks a bit windy just like today.


Easter egg hunting in the snow happened many times.


My sister Sandy and my Dad…oh and the bunny in the stroller.


Me, my Mom, and my sister Vicky in Illinois. hmm…again looks a bit windy just like today.


And perhaps my most treasured Easter photo ever. When I was 22 years old my Dad colored and hid Easter eggs for me. I learned the mantra ‘never grow up’ from my Dad and Mom.


However you are spending your day I hope it involves having fun with family and friends. Oh and maybe being a bit of a little kid again.

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