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Cheers To Me! I DID IT!

WOOHOO!!!! I DID IT!!! Today, I passed my practical driving exam!!!! You may remember that in June I wrote a post about passing the theory exam. If you don’t remember you can find the post here. You can also read about Bob’s adventure of passing the Spanish Driving exams here.

I passed the theory in June but have had to wait until today to take the practical exam as Summer holidays were in full swing for the auto school and examiners. A couple of weeks ago I had my first practice driving lesson with the auto school professor. Yesterday, I had my fourth and final lesson. Even though I have been driving for 38 years these lessons are all about how to pass the exam. How to drive in the exact way that will ensure you pass the test. I am a good driver. But these lessons seriously have you driving so cautiously that truthfully you feel like you are more of a danger on the road.

Anyway, when we set the date of the exam a few weeks ago, Bob didn’t have his current trip to the States booked. We were both disappointed that he would be out of the country today. He is on his way home now and I can’t wait to celebrate with him tomorrow! Since he went through this first he totally understands what I have been feeling and going through. He has been great at passing on what he learned in his lessons so that when I got to my first practical lesson I knew what to expect and was driving as the professor wanted me to. Bob has also (more than everyone else) had to listen to all my anxiety about this.

Today, our dear friend Mark was kind enough to drive me to the exam and provide moral support. I can’t even describe the anxiety this has caused over the past couple of weeks. Well, I can describe it but I will spare you. I will tell you the mind is very powerful and shutting it up is very difficult sometimes.

After I finished the exam Mark and I went out to lunch to celebrate. He took this photo of me as we toasted with our cava. Thanks, Mark for everything!!!


I have been legally permitted to drive here as I have my United States driving license and also an International Driving Permit (shoutout to Sondra and Nathan and Jeffrey for their assistance with obtaining or renewing the permit). So it has been a bit strange to take these lessons to pass an exam and then be able to get back in our car and drive away. Having said that, when they told me I needed to meet the professor at the exam location this morning I was not comfortable driving myself there, parking the car, getting in the examination car, (hopefully passing the exam) and walking back to my car in front of 50-100 other people to drive away. Thus the reason I asked Mark to drive me.

I really want to thank my family and my friends who have been so encouraging and supportive throughout this process. They have listened to me stress, whine, and complain and for that I am extremely thankful.

Phew! I sure am glad that is done and over with. 



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