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My 600th Blog Post!

WOOHOO!! YIPPEE!! This is my 600th blog post! This one took a bit longer to get to as this past year I haven’t been posting five or six days a week like I used to. Do you miss the almost daily posts? I do but I don’t miss the pressure that I placed on myself to post that often. On the flip side of that, I feel awful when it is more than four days between posts. Hard to make myself happy sometimes. lol.

When we moved to Spain (almost three years ago now) there was so much going on with getting settled, navigating the bureaucracy for residency, and let’s not forget the fun of getting our Spanish driver’s licenses (you can read about that in these posts here and here. There was the fun of shopping when we didn’t know any of the products.

We’ve been blessed with making such incredible friends and especially those in our village. We share holidays together and teach each other our different traditions and cultures. We share everyday meals and during the summer enjoy movies under the stars at each other’s homes. This would be a completely different experience if not for their friendship, love, and support. We’ve also grown closer to our friend Xavi who Bob first met when he lived here in 1992. We are truly blessed.


I’ll be honest this move hasn’t been without some struggles and frustrations. But there has also been some amazing growth by stepping outside of my comfort zone(s). Because we decided to make this major life change I am now able to pursue my dream of writing. I’ve been working through some writing courses online and through that program have made some great connections and new friends. I’m enjoying the writing and loving everything I am learning in the process. My first book is slowly coming together. It was great to be part of the writing group here for the past two years and we’ve published two books of short stories. I decided to leave the group this year as I want to focus on my own book(s) and I also have other projects that I am working on that need my attention.

Bob finished writing his memoir ten years ago but it has just been sitting on the computer until recently. Now, he has looked at it through different eyes and is working hard at changes and edits and looking forward to publishing it soon. It is a great read!

Our days seem to pass quickly and we wonder how we ever worked full time. We joke that there are more Fridays now as they seem to arrive much quicker than they ever did in our previous life. Regardless of how the time passes we are enjoying life a lot more now.


I also love that I have been able to get back to photography. Wandering around the vineyard each day I’m glad I am able to capture what I see. As with our days, things in the vineyard change quickly as well. Next month the vines will start awakening from their Winter rest and start sprouting beautiful leaves. The life cycle will begin.

Thank you for your continued reading and support. I love reading your comments so keep them coming. Let me know if there is something you wish I would write a post about and I will see what I can do.

Now to open some cava and celebrate! Cheers!





2 thoughts on “My 600th Blog Post!”

  1. Muchas felicidades por esos 600.
    Parece que fué ayer cuando llegasteis y sin embargo, pontro hará tres años como tu dices.

    un placer compartir con vosotros todas esas vivencias.

    un abrazo


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