A Golden Sunrise

Saturday when my Fitbit alarm woke me from my slumber I seriously thought about staying in bed and skipping my morning walk. I was tired. I could walk later in the day, I told myself. I snuggled under the covers and continued the debate in my head about whether to get up or not. But then…

“…what light through yonder window breaks?” 

The glow of the sunrise outside our bedroom window was all I needed to see to make me jump out of bed and go for my walk. It was that soft light that makes everything it touches glow. I had to go see it.

It didn’t disappoint!








Now I could understand why there was a glow outside our window.

I do a lot of ruminating on these walks. Everything from planning out my day and making a to-do list in my head, thinking about scenes for my book, thinking about life and all the deep thoughts that can bring. Saturday, I was also thinking about the choices that I have made in my life that others didn’t/don’t understand. Sometimes I have made changes and given a simple explanation even though there were many reasons for me making a change. Whether someone else understands them or not is not my problem. I think often we ‘try to do the right thing’ or ‘keep the peace’ by not rocking the boat. But, is that the ‘right thing’ for us or other people? Is ‘keeping the peace’ causing more conflict within ourselves?

My desk calendar has this quote on it for today:

“Taking risks and making choices is what makes life so exciting.” ~ Amy Poehler

Exactly! So, do something for you today. If you made a promise to yourself to get out of bed and walk each morning do it! If you have something that you want to pursue but don’t seem to have the right frame of mind (remember that conflict within ourselves) or you can’t quite seem to find the time…make changes to your life and keep those promises to yourself! It isn’t selfish. Perhaps self-preservation and there is nothing wrong with that and everything right with that.

As I snapped photos and wandered around the vineyard I realized that I never regret getting out of bed and seeing a sunrise. I made a promise to myself and I intend to keep it.











“This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.” ~ Maya Angelou

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