Book Tour and Launch

The Cava Chronicles: Book Launch

Yesterday was the book launch for “The Cava Chronicles.


M.A.W.W. Announces the Launch of_


Book Launch - Black background

This is is the second collection of short stories written by M.A.W.W (Montroig Association of Wild Writers) which is the writers’ group that I joined a couple of years ago. Montroig Café in Sitges is where we meet every other Friday. Each time we have a different subject and prompts are provided to perhaps spark the inspiration for a story. We share a bottle of cava (it helps the creative juices) and write for 20-30 minutes. Then we read our stories aloud. 


We shared excerpts on our social media pages leading up to the launch and Montroig ran a contest on Instagram with the winner being treated to breakfast with us at an upcoming meeting.

Holiday EscapeA Ceremony for EllieThe LettersIs there someone else

The Cava Chronicles has over 100 stories covering a wide range of topics. You can purchase your copy of the book at this link. Thank you in advance.

Now, to make this an even better story (see what I did there?)…2€ from the sale of each book goes to the DONA ‘M ALES charity which was set up by the Montroig Café in Support of Pediatric Cancer Research at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona.


Our first book of short stories was launched on December 3, 2018. I was in the U.S. on a five-week trip at the time and did a book tour as I jetted about the country. (Twelve flights in five weeks.) You can check out my posts about our book, “A Working Title” in this post here and also by checking out the category for Book Tour and Launch. If you haven’t bought a copy yet, you can purchase it here.

Joining this group was a step outside my comfort zone when we first moved here. The members have not only helped me grow as a writer but they have become dear friends.

Raising my glass of cava to all of you for your continued support, “Cheers!”

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