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February Bids Farewell

February has bid us farewell. What a month it was. Bob and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on the third. Our plans had been to renew our vows but that wasn’t possible this year with the current COVID-19 restrictions in place here. So, we enjoyed a small gathering with four friends over lunch. They had this amazing cake made for us. One side signifies Bob and his race track design business and the other side has my book writing and jewelry. The flags are England (for Bob), Australia (where Bob lived for 30 years), United States, Ireland (I am Irish and have an Irish passport), and the Catalunya flag for our new home here. We had a slideshow of 300 plus photos over the years playing on the TV. These wonderful friends also presented us with a video sharing their best wishes for us and what we mean to them. This included two dear friends who (because of the restrictions) couldn’t be with us. And to make us feel even more loved…they have gifted us a two night stay in an old country farmhouse. Looking forward to that trip! Our hearts are full.

We enjoyed the harvest of our winter garden. Broccoli and cauliflower.

Spring seemed to already be here in the vineyard. The Almond trees were in full bloom and now the blooms are changing over to leaves. Wildflowers popping their heads up.

The bees are enjoying the lavender in our garden.

The Pine trees are about to dust everything in sight with their pollen.

It is wild asparagus season right now!

The sheep are back in the vineyard which makes my heart happy. We didn’t think they would come this year because a lot of the plots of vines have been plowed in way that removed the weeds. So, we didn’t think there would be enough for the sheep to eat. They are penned in and I greet them most mornings when I go for my walk. We also try to get out in the afternoon for another walk when the shepherd has them grazing in the vines. We love to watch the interaction with the shepherd and the sheep. He whistles in different ways and the sheep know exactly what to do. Gather back up or go forward. I understand how to train a dog but how do you train sheep to react to different whistles and commands? Here are a couple of videos.

The shepherd is behind them and just given them a commanding whistle.

Sometimes you just have to scratch that itch.

We found these great doormats which seem appropriate.

For us the month seemed to fly by…they say that happens when you are having fun! Ready for March and celebrating all that Spring will bring.

2 thoughts on “February Bids Farewell”

    1. Hello stranger!!!! Miss you! Great to hear from you. Thank you, perhaps when we do renew our vows you guys can come for another visit. ♥
      We definitely appreciate living in this tiny village during the pandemic that is for sure. Hugs!


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