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You Never Know How Your Life Might Change

You never know how one day will change your life.

Five years ago today, our dear friend Xavi brought us to this hilltop vineyard for a visit. Little did we know that a year and a half later we would change our entire life and move to this very village.

These are some of the photos that I took on that day.

I even managed to take a photo of our future home. Fate. Destiny. Pretty cool.


A fourteen hundred year old olive tree.

Our home is the one on the right in this picture. Looking down the lane to other casas.

We didn’t know that one of our future friends lived in this casa.

A year later when we were here on vacation again, we were dreaming of possibly moving here in a year or so. A chance glance at a real estate window brought us up here to look at our now home. Those two weeks everything fell into place and then with our hard work and determination we made this new life happen.

We have made the most incredible friends in this little village. They have opened their arms and hearts and welcomed us into their community and culture. This would be a different experience if not for them. β™₯β™₯

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