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Celebrating a 40th Wedding Anniversary in Style

Bob and I love sharing this special place where we live with friends and family. We also love when our visitors fall in love with the area like we have.

Our dear friends Nathan and Jeffrey first visited us in June 2018. You can read about that fun visit in the following blog posts.

As we predicted, they fell in love with this amazing place. So much so that they returned for a very special celebration. Jeffrey’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary! The whole family came and rented a masia here in the village.

For the anniversary dinner, they looked at having it catered by the company that manages the masia. After some minor issues with planning with that company, Bob and I looked at the suggested menu and said we could make them a much better meal than that. We put together a menu and to our delight, they decided to let us ‘cater’ the dinner. My what a feast it was.

Everyone checked in to the masia on Saturday afternoon and we went over to meet the rest of the family and have one, two, or was it three glasses of cava. We also needed to see what the kitchen in the masia provided so that we knew what to bring from our house.

Sunday, July 4th, was the anniversary. We were busy prepping food all day and loaded up the car and went to the masia just before five o’clock. Before George and Tammy came downstairs the dining room table was set mixing a bit of red, white, and blue with the beautiful decor.

Fresh flowers from our garden

The family shared some special moments while Bob and I prepared the first course. We wanted to share some local dishes with them along with some of our favorites. The dinner was five courses and dinner lasted six hours. I had planned to take a lot of photos but I was either busy in the kitchen or enjoying time with these amazing people.

Here is the menu:

First course:

  • Pan de tomate
  • Jamon, butifara, pate
  • Olives

Second course:

  • Patata tortilla
  • Asparagus
  • Croquetas

Third course:

  • Limon pollo
  • Salmo Virginia
  • Canalones
  • Paella

Fourth course:

  • Paella

Fifth course:

  • Crema Catalan
  • Limon tart
  • Limon cookies
  • Coca

Variety of cava and wine from the region:

  • 24 botellas cava y vino

It was an incredible feast.

A beautiful family photo that son, George, took.

What an absolutely wonderful family and let me tell you I think we were all in a bit of a food coma at the end of the evening.

The next morning they came to our house and we walked up to the winery for a tour and tasting. I must say that Marcelo, Maria Jose, and Ingrid of Finca Viladellops, pulled out all the stops for us. WOW! Four hours of history, wine making, and tasting. What fun!

Tuesday, we had a farewell dinner at Alfresco Restaurante in Sitges. Huge shout out to Xavi and his team that made our night magical!

We drank some very special cava and wine.

photo credit: George Kellogg III
photo credit: George Kellogg III
photo credit: George Kellogg III
photo credit: George Kellogg III

What a fantabulous time! We enjoyed sharing our little corner of the world with them. We are looking forward to seeing them in North Carolina in October for a very special celebration. ♥♥

3 thoughts on “Celebrating a 40th Wedding Anniversary in Style”

  1. You two are AMAZING!!!!!! Such a memorable gift to give and experience. And oh my…that does look food coma inducing. My favorite part of the menu? Reading dessert as a 5th course!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello!!!! I must get caught up on your blogs. I’ve been working so hard on my book that I have been away from blogging and reading blogs for too long.
      This party was amazing. We are actually off to North Carolina in a week for a wedding with this same family. Should be tons of fun and…no work. lol.
      Hope you are well. Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

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