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How to eat and drink your way through a weekend!

I have been away from the computer for the past few days as we have friends in town from the U.S. and we’ve been off having fun! I did mean to find a little time in between to write a blog but it just never happened. It is early Tuesday morning and I thought I would just start this before we go into Sitges to have a farewell breakfast with them.

Nathan and Jeff arrived on Saturday morning and we met them at their hotel in Sitges. The weather was absolutely perfect as we had a brief wander around town and look at all the sailboats!


We then drove the back roads to our house. We like to do that so that friends see a bit more of the countryside and don’t just see a freeway. We had a lovely light lunch at our place and spent some time catching up with each other’s lives.


Texting may be great but there is nothing like having dear friends sitting across the table from you over a meal.

Sitges did not disappoint for an evening stroll before dinner. Look at that blue sky!


Perfect evening for the wedding photos being taken.





Always nice to have someone around to take a photo of us too. 😉


We took them to our friend Xavi’s restaurant, Alfresco Restaurante. I’ve told you about this wonderful restaurant before. The ambiance is amazing and the food is delectable. And Xavi makes absolutely every person in the place feel like they are the most important. Just what you want for yourself let alone when you have friends in town.

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We had an absolutely wonderful time as is evident with all of these smiles.

They say time flies when you are having fun well…we were surprised to realize that it was suddenly 11:45 p.m.! Where did the night go!? We headed back home for a good night’s sleep while Nathan and Jeff hit the town!

Sunday morning the fun doubled as their friends Marshal and John arrived from North Carolina. We had not met them before but had heard a lot about them. Isn’t it awesome when you meet friends of friends and make new friends!? 🙂

We had them meet us at another favorite restaurant, our friend Joan’s restaurant Les Piques. Joan (Catalan for John) is also an exceptional host. When you first visit his restaurant he takes you on a tour to the kitchen and shares a bit of Catalunya history.

The specialty of Les Piques is cooking on hot stones. Hot as in 500°F (close to 300°C). Because of the size of our group each of us had our own hot stone to cook on. Joan just kept bringing food and we kept eating it! A table outside where it feels like you are up in the trees.

At the end of lunch we each had half a baked apple with Crema Catalana (similar but TONS better than Crème brûlée). We also enjoyed desert wine served in a traditional Porron. All of us (except 1 and you know who you are) drank from the Porron as we were supposed to.

Another perfect meal with incredible friends!

To be continued…

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