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Visits always end too soon

The visit continues…

After our wonderful tour of Viladellops we headed to the beach. We went to Sausalito Beach for a bit of lunch before soaking in the sun. While we waited for lunch Nathan, Jeff, Marshal, and John checked out the water.

Along with lunch we had to have some cava! Such a perfect spot!

As we sat down to catch some rays a lady near us started talking to us. She was American and I guess the sound of American accents caught her ear. The questions started coming “where are you from?” “What are you doing here in Sitges?” blah blah blah. Normal stuff. Then she looks over to Bob and I and says, “Are you the parents?”

Seriously?! Parents of which one? Why assume that because there is an age difference that we aren’t friends? I don’t know something about it just irked me.

Anyway, we all enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine and sparkling blue sea.



Bob and I headed home to freshen up and later met up with everyone in town for dinner. It was another perfect night in Sitges.





We decided to have Paella on the seafront. We went to Costa Dorado on San Sebastián Beach. Bob and I had been there before on vacation and knew that their paella was not the typical tourist paella which tends to be a lot of rice and very little else.

We had a absolutely wonderful time. And the paella was very good.




Everyone wanted to get dessert at one of the many gelato places in town, but Bob and I took the waiter’s advice and had this Crema Catalana Mousse. Love the church of Sitges and the palm tree. 🙂


The following morning we met in town for breakfast before they departed for Barcelona.

How did this visit go so quickly? Visits from friends do that though. Fly by just like that! We have so much more to talk about. We have so much more to show them. We don’t want them to leave. I know that they have all been enchanted by Spain as we have and this may be their first trip here but it definitely won’t be their last. Farewell dear friends! We miss you already!


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