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Remarkable Rupit

Oh so long between these posts about our trip back in May. Life has been a bit crazy and continues to be, so I will slowly get these posts done.

We took a drive to Rupit which I must say was absolutely amazing! Rupit is a medieval village dating to the year 1000.

The photo below is a Horse Chestnut. I had never seen one before but we saw many Horse Chestnut trees along our trip. I was glad we finally got to see one up close. It’s like little Christmas trees all over a tree.

This is the first suspension bridge either of us had walked across. Pretty cool.

Being built on rock sure makes for interesting roads.

One of many springs we came across. Each of them had a bundle of flowers left by someone.

Such a charming town. I could live there…well…maybe not. It is one of the most visited villages in Catalunya. Tourist season must be awful if you live there.

Love this place!

Below is El Far.

Hay structure…I’m guessing.

Besides the gorgeous town there are many hiking excursions in the area. Something for the next visit. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

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