What Lurks in the Woods

Saturday Bob and I took a walk to a part of the property we hadn’t explored before. When you drive down the road towards our village there is a stone monument of some kind on the cliff top. We have talked about exploring it for as long as we have lived here. From the road, there seems to be a canvas or tarp awning next to the monument which has us speculating that someone camps or lives there.

Anyway, off we went on Saturday afternoon. There was evidence of JabalisΒ (wild boar) and some areas that looked as if they had been sleeping there. We have asked our friends where the Jabalis live and they tell us the forest so we always look for them when we are hiking the property. Not really something you want to stumble across. Bob was expecting us to see them. Me? I was walking behind him thinking about the inhabitant of the canvas near the monument. The mind can certainly come up with some wild ideas. It wasn’t going to be some nice normal person it was going to be a lunatic hiding out. Lol!

Spectacular views and cool trees.









A well.





I love this moss. It looks like a mini forest.


We walked and walked and we knew we were getting close as we could see the road below at one point. Unfortunately, the trees and shrubs seemed to close in and block any hint of a path. We debated pushing on but decided to save it for another day.

Such a gorgeous walk. Oh, without a Jabali or a lunatic.








9 thoughts on “What Lurks in the Woods”

  1. YIKES on the ‘wild’ life… I’m glad you didn’t see anything more dangerous than rocks and trees. And I’m incredibly thankful you took your camera! Bless you both for finally going on this hike. xoxo


  2. Todos hemos sentido la necesidad de saber que era ese lugar.

    Es un mirador para observar y fotografiar pajaros πŸ˜‰.

    Nuestro amigo Marc ha llegado hasta el lugar y dice que hay un cartel con un escrito parecido a esto…

    “Por favor, no derrumbar, no es para cazar, es para fotografiar pajaros”


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