Grape Ape, Shiraz & Xarel·lo, Vineyard

Meet Grape Ape

It is Friday once again! I’ve told you before that they come very quickly here in Spain. Not sure how that works since the calendar looks the same. Perhaps, it is the lifestyle change.

Anyway, so Friday is here and Fridays are supposed to be FUN! For some previous Friday fun please read this post from last year February’s Friday Frogs’ Fiesta. You see, I have a silly side which led me to this…

I felt like I needed a mascot for the Winery Woman blog and Instagram accounts. You know, something a bit silly and funny and a way to make people smile. Life is all too serious at times and we need to lighten up and laugh more often.

So, without further ado…please welcome Grape Ape!


“Hi! I’m Grape Ape. Nice to meet you! You may wonder why Mom named me Grape…well cause I like wine just about as much as she and Dad do. And don’t worry…I’m of legal drinking age.” 😉

“I’m having fun getting to know the vineyard. We went for a walk the other day and they took lots of silly photos of me. What do you think? I look like I belong here, right?”








“I hear you asking about my boots. Well, Mom didn’t want my feet getting muddy when I’m walking in the vineyard so she got me these inexpensive little boots. Cute, huh?! Hey, Mom already told you she was silly!”






“Do you like my sunglasses? I look at life through Rosé colored glasses! Ha Ha Ha.”


“Do these glasses make my eyes look funny? lol”


“We wandered down to one of the stone huts as the sun was setting. It was getting pretty chilly. Wish they would have let me put the sweatshirt on instead of hanging it above me.”

“Oh, wait…you have to meet my buddies. Mom and Dad’s friend Mark knew they were looking for an ape so he surprised them with two! Please welcome Shiraz and Xarel·lo. Shiraz is the one with the big purple eyes. Now, I should tell you that Mom and Dad changed their names as they did with me. Shiraz was originally named Coconut but it turns out she is allergic to coconuts so not a great name. And Xarel·lo well, his name was Banana but that didn’t really fit since he came to live in a vineyard and he eats more grapes than he does bananas.”


“Anyway, when I came back from our walk the other night we all hung out and I told them about my adventure. They are looking forward to wandering the vineyard with me soon.”



“Well, it is great to finally meet you all. I hope you enjoy being silly as much as I do. (I get that from my Mom). The three of us look forward to making you laugh or at least bringing you a smile or two.”




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