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February’s Friday Frogs’ Fiesta

A bit of silliness for this last Friday of February. As I have mentioned before my Mom was a freak for frogs. My sisters and I showered her with gifts of frogs which led to a very substantial collection. We would send each other photos of frogs that we found in stores or had just purchased for Mom. In fact, we still do this. Last week, Sandy sent us a photo of a frog bird feeder wind chime that would have been perfect for Mom. Funny, but thinking about it now I don’t know that my Mom ever bought one frog for herself. Hmmmm.

When she passed away we shared her frog collection with family and friends. I brought a few of her little frogs to sit my desk at work and now they live on my desk at home.


One of the frogs that I gave her was one that has magnets in his hands and feet. Yes, I just typed that the frog has hands and feet. LOL! He hung on her refrigerator. I brought him home with me. I used to take him to the office on Fridays and he would hang out with me. He soon took on the name Friday Frog by my co-workers. They would stop by to see what silly pose he was in for the day. If, on the rare occasion, he decided to stay home on a Friday my co-workers would ask, ‘Where is Friday Frog?” He has a lot of friends. I took a photo of him each Friday and sent it to my sisters.

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Friday Frog is now enjoying the good life here in Spain.

I’ve shared all of this silliness with you to tell you the story of the frog face in the stone wall of our bedroom. I thought you needed a bit of background on why I might be seeing frog faces. Many months ago I was lying in bed and this is my view.


I see the profile of what is sure to be Kermit the Frog. Do you see him yet?


How about now?


Kermit will try to help you see it. Look directly above his head.


Do you see it now?!!?!?!?! Here…I’ll make it easier.


No, you still don’t see how I could think this is a frog? Don’t worry, neither can Bob. No matter how many times I try he just doesn’t see it. Guess it is the same when you lie in the grass and look up at the images in the clouds. Not everyone will see what you see.

Okay, so I also see a heart. Do you?


I did tell you it was going to be a bit of silliness today. Hope you have a fantabulous last Friday of February.


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