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Scarecrow Continues to Spread Joy

Someone was so nice. So kind. So considerate. So thoughtful. I am so touched even though I have never met the person and don't know who he was. At the beginning of July, I wrote a post called, "He Is Outstanding In His Field" about a roll of hay and a friend I thought that… Continue reading Scarecrow Continues to Spread Joy

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He Is Outstanding In His Field

The field outside of our gate has been planted with hay the past few years however this year we didn't have much rain and didn't have enough rain when the crop really needed it. So, when they came to cut and roll the hay what they got was only one full roll of hay. There… Continue reading He Is Outstanding In His Field

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Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming! Spring is coming! Are you ready?! Our Freesias have been amazing this year! I'm so glad we tucked the bulbs away last year. We never thought they would do this well! Bee bum! The hay is growing fast even without any rain. The trees are getting fuzzy! The Apricot tree is blooming.… Continue reading Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!