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Scarecrow Continues to Spread Joy

Someone was so nice. So kind. So considerate. So thoughtful. I am so touched even though I have never met the person and don’t know who he was.

At the beginning of July, I wrote a post called, “He Is Outstanding In His Field” about a roll of hay and a friend I thought that roll of hay needed. They have stuck by each other like…well…like good friends do.



I will tell you that walking or driving past them has made me smile since then. It is just something silly and simple but I’m glad I did it.

This afternoon we came home from the beach and immediately noticed that the lonely roll of hay was gone. No sign of its friend. I had been concerned that when they came to pick up the roll of hay that its friend would get picked up too or just left in the dust.

Bob got out of the car to have a look for it and saw that this nice, kind, considerate, thoughtful person had walked the friend over near the chapel and stuck him in the ground facing the road.


To take the time to pull it out of the ground and move it and face it towards the road….WOW! I am so touched. We parked the car at our house and then I said to Bob,

“We can’t leave him out there alone. He needs to come home.”

So, I walked over and took some photos.

The tire marks from the tractor.




And look even though he had to say goodbye to his friend today, he is still smiling.


His new spot…I will buy a new plant for him to watch over.


Thank you to the nice, kind, considerate, thoughtful, (and let’s just say maybe a bit silly like me) person who did this sweet thing. You made my day.


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