Xan & Bob

“Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Have you ever just needed to refocus your energy to what’s truly important…to you? Have you ever just stopped and looked at your life and reevaluated what…you need?

This isn’t selfish.

Do you let the outside world intrude into your life too much? Do you let others dictate how your time should be spent? Sometimes letting others dictate how you spend your time is all in your head. Sometimes it is really you telling yourself how you think the world (or those people) expect you to spend your time. Stop! Just stop doing that.

I’ve felt the need lately to turn away from the negativity of the world and some people in my life. I’m not trying to live life through rose-colored glasses but I am trying my best every day to live in a positive light. It’s what I need to do to survive and thrive. I’m very sensitive and I want to make everyone around me happy. I want to fix things. But…this sometimes ends up causing me a lot of stress and angst. It can become all-consuming. And then my well-being suffers.

Social media is important to me in the sense that I like to keep in touch with family and friends and I need it to promote my business but…I stop myself from responding to things that I know will just bring negative replies from people. I care about the world and what is happening but I choose not to interact on social media about it because it will just cause more angst in my life. I am very aware of the political climate around the world…no country seems to be without its controversies. I hate to see what is happening in my home country and other countries…but I will not get into arguments on social media about it. This does NOT mean that I am not aware and that I do not care about what is happening. It just means that I choose to keep myself informed by doing my own research and making my own decisions about things. It drives me crazy how people carelessly create memes or repost them without considering what the original photo was all about in the first place. Stop being puppets. Stop preaching at people just because they don’t share the same views that you do. Stop feeding into the insanity and negativity. That truly is a huge part of the problem.

People are different and isn’t that just wonderful?! Your opinion might not be the same as others. That’s okay. Get over it.

Yes, this may now seem like a bit of a rant…but I’ve been quite bothered by all of this lately and have been trying to put into words how I feel…and that I have been thinking.

Today I am in a better place mentally because of how I choose to live my life. Sometimes it needs refocusing to bring me back to what is important for me and my well-being. That isn’t being selfish. Perhaps more self-preservation.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”





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