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He Is Outstanding In His Field

The field outside of our gate has been planted with hay the past few years however this year we didn’t have much rain and didn’t have enough rain when the crop really needed it. So, when they came to cut and roll the hay what they got was only one full roll of hay. There was also a partial roll but they combined that with another field.

It is a large field and that one roll of hay has looked so sad and lonely all by itself. Previously there have been three or four rolls so one roll just looks sad. Now, I know this is a new roll of hay and it has no idea that this isn’t the norm. Some of you might say that the hay doesn’t have feelings either but we’re just going to ignore that thought.

Since they rolled the hay I said it looked sad and needed something. It needed a friend. Yesterday I found it a friend and today they met. I snuck out early this morning and introduced them. I think it made all the difference. They hit it off straight away.









Just look at that smile. Doesn’t it make you smile?



“Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.” ~Robert Brault

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