The Sound of Contentment

As I sat down at my computer to work this morning I heard a tractor in the field of hay outside our gate. I have been waiting for them to roll the hay as I missed that happening last year and I want to see that process. A couple of days ago they cut the hay. So I thought this tractor must be here to roll it. I dashed outside and watched the tractor work. It was obvious from the contraption on the back of the tractor that he would not be the one rolling it. This tractor was gathering the hay into a line so that it can be rolled…sometime. Hopefully when I am home so that I can see it.



I sat on a bench next to the church and watched as the tractor made its way up and down through the field.

I enjoyed the early morning light on the vineyard. I enjoyed the peacefulness of nothing other than the tractor rumbling along and the birdsong. Oh that and the sound of my sighs of contentment.









3 thoughts on “The Sound of Contentment”

  1. I love seeing those huge sausages of hay. We saw many along the Camino, photos of which are at TulStig DelMar.
    Please let us know if you see them making them, and a video would be good. 😉

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