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A Random Gardening Question

Today I have a random gardening question. I'm hoping that one of you will be able to answer it for me. All the best gardening books and websites always tell you that it is important to talk kindly to your plants as it enhances their growth. As you are watering them just lean in and… Continue reading A Random Gardening Question


As we meander through the vineyard

As always, things are changing here in the vineyard. Do you see the difference between these two photos? They have started plowing the weeds (or flowers we just haven't met yet). They were/are growing...well...like weeds. Of course, the plowing means that the to-do list of the bees has been cut short. Oh, don't worry...their to-do… Continue reading As we meander through the vineyard

Vineyard, Xan & Bob

Begin the rest is easy…or perhaps not

Is your to-do list getting you down? Are there more things being added to the list than are being checked off? Are you feeling overwhelmed? How about a new perspective? Consider what others might be facing. The bees in the vineyard have been busy indeed what with the Almond trees blossoming. He probably feels like… Continue reading Begin the rest is easy…or perhaps not