As we meander through the vineyard

As always, things are changing here in the vineyard. Do you see the difference between these two photos?



They have started plowing the weeds (or flowers we just haven’t met yet). They were/are growing…well…like weeds. Of course, the plowing means that the to-do list of the bees has been cut short. Oh, don’t worry…their to-do list is still long enough. We could hear the constant buzz as they worked away at all that glorious pollen.


The vines will be waking up from their Winter’s nap and are going to need all the nutrients and breathing room they can get.




I was a bit sad when I saw the tractor plowing through the weeds (or flowers we just haven’t met yet) as we’ve been told that sheep would be coming to eat them. Once I saw that there is still plenty left around the vines for the sheep to eat, I felt better. I think the sheep would probably get tummy aches if they had to eat ALL of those weeds! I understand they will be arriving soon. Can’t wait to see that. It’s quite fun as we are driving around the area to see the flock of sheep in different fields chomping away.  🙂 Each day in a different field…if you listen carefully I think you can hear them saying, “Nom Nom.”

As we meander through the vineyard we are seeing many signs of Spring.







I love the stone house with its roof in bloom.


These are a couple of plants that I am glad aren’t in my yard.



Look at this rock wall. Nothing but human engineering (no cement) keeping this together.






And I will end today’s blog with this…we can’t wait to see this roof blooming soon!











6 thoughts on “As we meander through the vineyard”

  1. Ugh that was not what I meant to do! (You can delete that first comment mistake-please )

    I think it would be a little sad to see the weeds (or flowers you just haven’t met yet) leave too! I would definitely want to pick a bunch for my home. How exciting sheep eating the weeds. I am so anxious but in a good way to see more pictures. These are absolutely stunning!

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