Vineyard, Xan & Bob

Begin the rest is easy…or perhaps not

Is your to-do list getting you down? Are there more things being added to the list than are being checked off? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

How about a new perspective? Consider what others might be facing.

The bees in the vineyard have been busy indeed what with the Almond trees blossoming.





He probably feels like he is getting ahead of the game a bit. The leaves are starting to come out so the blossoms won’t be there much longer. He must feel accomplished.

Until he looks out from behind the Almond blossom only to be reminded…of the vineyard being full of the white weeds (or flowers we just haven’t met).


He angles his head slightly just to be sure he is seeing what he thinks he is seeing.


Nope. That really didn’t change the view.

He decides to have a quick fly around to see how bad his to-do list really is. He is an optimist after all.

“Begin the rest is easy.”

He looks one way.


Hmmm…that doesn’t look too bad but the view is a bit obscured. Better take another look.


Oh wow! That is pretty daunting now!

Before he can stop himself he decides to look in the other direction. Perhaps that will be better.


Oh my! He must be feeling completely overwhelmed now. Look at all those white weeds (or flowers we just haven’t met). That’s a lot of pollen!

He is going to be very busy. Busy as a…bee!

See…your to-do list doesn’t look quite so scary now does it?





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