Viladellops Village, Xan & Bob

Our Eyes in the Sky

There is something I see every day that makes me smile each time. We have a watch tower in the village which dates back to medieval times. It was a watch tower for the Olèrdola Castle which sits high on the hill across from our village.  You can read about our visit to the castle here.


Our casa is called Torre Casa as it is the first house below the tower. I love living so close to such incredible history.

The part of the tower that makes me smile is…its EYELASHES! Can you see them?






The eyelashes are captivating to me. They dance in the wind as if the tower is batting its eyelashes. Still keeping a watch over the landscape.

The view from our yard below the tower is really where they look like eyelashes but there are power lines so it is impossible to capture a good picture. I know I could Photoshop the wires out of the photos below but I didn’t have time to do that today. At least you can see what our view is.



This really shows what I see.


I pointed this out to Bob the other day and without batting an eyelash (sorry I couldn’t resist) he said, “Well of course it has eyelashes…it’s a watch tower. It must have eyes.”

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