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A day with new friends

Yesterday we had the pleasure of showing this gorgeous place we call home to Emily and Gabe. They are the young adult children of a business associate of Bob’s from Arizona. Another sister is studying in Barcelona for a semester so they were here to visit her. We had never met them before meeting them at the train station in Sitges. Well, not to worry because we all had a blast!

We wandered around Sitges for a bit. Emily shopped while I…hmmm…encouraged her. 😉 The guys were super patient as we popped into the various shops. A bit of a wander down by the church and beach and through the town. A bit cloudy but still gorgeous. The waves were crashing against the rocks once again. We didn’t get wet this time.

We always love showing this place off. So many people come to Spain and only visit Barcelona. Well, as much as we love Barcelona and all it has to offer there is just so much more to this incredible country.

Bob drove the back roads instead of the freeway from Sitges to La Posada in Sant Pere Molanta where we took them for lunch. This way they got to see the gorgeous scenery. As always our friend Joan (pronounced John) was a fabulous host and made Emily and Gabe feel extremely welcome. He showed them the kitchen with the large wood grill and explained a bit about how they cook on it.



We had a very yummy lunch. Authentic Catalan food. It is always fun to show people that there is more to Spanish dining than paella, tapas and sangria!

After our long lunch we drove to our home to show them around. I think they understood why we love this village/vineyard so much.




A bit more of Spring showing up.



We took them around the back of the tower so they could get some photos.


Then we headed back to Sitges. We went down to the other end of the beach. It was gorgeous! The bright blue sky and the sailboats that seemed to be positioned just for our photo taking.







It was then off to the train station so they could head back to spend their last night in Barcelona with their sister. We had a great day. Hopefully they will return to Spain someday and explore much more.

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