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I’d rather be…

Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d rather be…

As I have spent the last two days working on assembling our tax information for our accountant I can think of a few “I’d rather be…”

Spring is coming and I’d rather be…going to the nursery to buy plants for our garden. I’d rather be…planting pretty flowers and watching them grow.

I’d rather be…in shorts than in a long sleeve shirt and jeans.

I’d rather be…sitting on the beach with a good book relaxing with my husband.

I’d rather be…spending time with my sisters Sandy and Vicky instead of just seeing their mugs on my mug.


I’d rather be watching the grapes grow.


I’d rather be packing up my cousin’s house and helping her move.


Wait…let me take that back. I’d rather be enjoying this view with them at their house on Lake Norman, NC.


I’d rather be…eating tapas with my husband in Sitges.


I’d rather be…taking a long walk in the vineyard with my husband.






Wow! I guess I’d rather be…doing just about anything other than bookkeeping and paperwork sorting.

So time to stop thinking about what I’d rather be doing and just be in the moment.


Which means back to the paperwork now. 😦

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