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My Self Portrait

Today has been a bit all over the place emotionally. I didn’t sleep well as my mind decided (quite annoyingly) that it would go off on wild tangents. It didn’t consult me. It didn’t consider my need for sleep at all. As much as I laid there trying to turn it off it would have none of it! I finally gave up and decided I might as well just get up and get some work done.

The lack of sleep and my to-do list had me feeling a bit stressed. Over breakfast I said to Bob, “that I know I should go but I don’t really feel like going to my Writer’s Group in Sitges today.” I knew he would encourage me to go and tell me what I already knew is that it might be just the break I need from everything that is weighing me down. So still feeling a bit anxious and stressed and thinking about the 3-4 hours I would be losing from tackling my to-do list we headed off to town.

Of course it was exactly what I needed! I didn’t know before I arrived that today’s topic was HUMOR! How perfect is that?! We talked about what we find humorous and what we don’t and how jokes don’t translate into different languages and cultures very well. I will admit that when I learned what the topic was I was dreading the writing exercise that would come later during the meeting. Mark who led today’s group brought a list of 16 possible prompts for writing humor. Without letting us see the prompts he had us each pick a number from 1-16 and that was what we had to write about. These are the numbers that we chose.

#7 was Describe your relationship with your pants

#4 was Analysis of your worst school photo(s)

#5 was Funniest thing that has ever happened to you at a job

and #10 which was the number I picked was The story of how you lost your temper

We had 20 minutes to write and then read them aloud. They were all great and made us laugh. (which is the point) Even though some of us thought it would be difficult to write humor it turned out to be pretty easy when given great prompts like those.

Since we arrived back home I have had my focus on business paperwork for taxes. Sitting in the office with some music playing to practice my singing while I worked. Oh how I could have used singing lessons.

When I looked at the clock it was 6:00 p.m. and I had yet to write my blog today. I pondered and pondered and looked through photos to inspire me to write something brilliant. Ponder. Look at more photos. Ponder. Look at more photos. It just went on and the time clicked away. I almost gave up. But then I decided to return to the humor of the day. I just needed the right photo to share with you.

So…here it is. A self-portrait. Sadly there is no year on it. A bit silly but to be honest I treasure it. The sun is shining. There are flowers blooming. My hips are the same size in real life. I have a smile on my face. And my arms are wide open to welcome and give hugs. Happy Friday everyone!


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