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A Wave of Being Brave

Now that the snow and rain are gone we can get back to the good weather. Okay, so maybe not quite the sunny, warm Spain weather yet but it won’t be long. The sea was putting on an amazing display yesterday.


You might notice the young man at the bottom of the stairs…daring the wave to get him wet. He was being egged on by his peers who were standing above him on the stairs.


And this is how the waves responded.



I would like to say that we were smart enough not to stand down where he was. Truthfully one of those waves could have knocked him over. We stood up by the church watching and listening to the waves crash against the rocks.


As soon as I finished taking the video above which shows the sea spraying above our heads I asked Bob how high up he thought we were.  His answer was about 30 feet (about 9 meters). Within seconds of saying that the next wave crashed on the rocks below us and the sea spray shot up over us and then down on us. Got a bit wet is what I am trying to say. It was quite funny to both of us even though that meant we were now wet and it was not warm outside.

Off we went to have some tapas and a glass of vino while we dried off.  We were hanging out in town because I needed to get my hair cut and colored and the appointment was not until 4 p.m. I have to tell you that I decided to be brave and try to phone the hairdresser (is that term still used?) to make the appointment. After all I had made appointments with her in person before, so this should be fairly easy. She speaks Catalan and Spanish, no English. But I knew exactly what to say so I thought how hard could it be. She would reply with the day and time. Easy peasy! NOT! Her reply was nothing that either Bob or I could understand. We tried. I was brave. No luck. So, the only way to make an appointment was to drive into Sitges, park in the closest car park and wander over to her shop. As soon as we walked in we all laughed and agreed (yes, we understood each other) that the phone is impossible with the language barrier. I asked for an appointment (see I told you I knew what to say) and we agreed on 4 p.m. It really wasn’t worth our time to go back home only to have to return. Thus, our hanging out in town.

Today we returned to Sitges as it was time for me to be brave once again. That’s two days in a row! This morning I attended a Writer’s meetup group. You might wonder what is brave about that. Well…let me tell you. Confession time!

Can you hear the little voice inside my head encouraging me to tell you?

I want to write a book!

There! I’ve said it.

I’ve only told a few people that this was a dream of mine. Honestly, it has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Now I have the courage to begin following this dream. I’m not sure what I’ve been afraid of. Is it being afraid to fail? Or perhaps afraid to succeed?

I hear you asking, “what type of book are you going to write?” Well, I actually have 3 book ideas. All different from each other. I think it’s best that I not go into details about them until I am a bit further down this new path.

Today’s meetup was great and the group very encouraging and supportive of each other.  It included a 30-minute period of writing about a particular subject and then reading it aloud to the group. See…BRAVE is the word of the day!

So, there you have it. I’m riding a wave of being brave. I’m both anxious and excited about the challenge. I’m ready to start this new journey.




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