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Purple Crocuses Under A Brooding Sky

Thankfully the snow was very short-lived. It felt like Spring today. I hung clothes outside to dry…and they did. A sign of things to come. We were expecting a bit of rain today so I was thankful the I got at least one load of laundry to dry.

When we opened the bedroom curtains this morning we were greeted by the glorious sight of purple crocuses. I knew that I needed to get outside to take a photo of them but I also knew that the rainy weather was closing in, so I got myself out the door to take some photos. This is the sky that was looming over the vineyard as I walked outside.


Wow! I looked out over the vineyard and was stunned how whiter and brighter the weeds (or flowers we just haven’t met) seem. The sky was brooding.






I tore myself away so that I could get to the flowers before the skies opened up. Here they are…so gorgeous!




I love the little white one standing her ground amongst the striking purple ones.

Next to it was a little yellow thing which I didn’t realize until I looked closer that it was a daffodil. It is only about 3 inches high.


I then noticed another one up the lane a bit.


There are more signs of Spring down the lane.


And signs of things to come.



The change of seasons brings new beginnings but also endings. We planted these beautiful pansies in the wine barrel outside of our kitchen window in Autumn. They have brought us a lot of joy and color during Winter. Soon we will have to dig them up and plant something new. The circle of life.



The stick looking bit in the barrel is a hibiscus that we hope will come back to life. The green with purple flowers next to it is wild growing rosemary. 🙂 The window is our kitchen.

As brooding as the sky looked we only had a few drops of rain, which started after the second load of laundry was trying to dry on the line.

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