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Hunting for wild Asparagus

Spring is definitely coming. We had a lovely walk in the vineyard today. The temperature was 65°F (18°C) which was accompanied by a nice breeze. Our lovely friends/neighbors Kim and Virginia sent us a photo yesterday of the wild asparagus they had picked while on their afternoon walk.

Wild asparagus season is HERE! When we arrived last year we heard and saw people picking the wild asparagus but the season was just about over. We knew it must be getting close and we have been looking for it on our recent walks.

Wild asparagus plants are PRICKLY! And as you will see from the photos below…the spears are not easy to spot.



I do love the curling one below.






If you spotted the spears in the photos WOOHOO! We gathered enough for a nice omelet in the morning I think.


I must say that is is pretty darn cool to be able to wander around the property and pick fresh asparagus.

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