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Patchwork Sitges 2018

There is always something happening in Sitges. Always! The Patchwork Sitges 2018 is happening now from 8 March – 11 March. With two tents and one of them holding over 100 stands of everything patchwork and quilting (sorry if those mean the same thing to those in the know) it is huge!

Last week while we were in town we saw one of the tents being constructed. We could tell by the size of the tent it was a big event.

Today we wandered into town to have a look. Lots of buses near where we parked the car. When we got to the largest tent my first thought was probably, “do we really want to go in there?”


There are some seriously cool machines! I’m guessing that if you have to ask the price you can’t afford most of them.




I must admit that there is a whole other world I didn’t know about. WOW! Good thing that I do not have the time, talent or money to get into all of this.

I did want every single one of these…even though I had no idea what I would do with them.


And I loved this fabric but again…no idea what I would have done with it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This booth caught my attention. Can you figure out why?


As I was wandering through trying not to get knocked over by the serious attendees I stopped when I saw the church through the tent window. It looks like a painting.


They had a little cafe outside and today’s Spring like weather made it a perfect spot to relax.

There was a smaller tent of “Solo Profesionales” that you had to purchase a ticket to enter. Too bad as the professionals, no one thought to make a sign for the tent until they got there and then it left a bit to be desired.

Not a bad setting for an event, huh?!


There were also displays of quilts set up at various venues throughout the town. You can check out some of the organization’s photos on their Flickr page here.

I am probably the only woman that walked out of there without purchasing a single item. 🙂 Bob is very happy. Lol!

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