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A Random Gardening Question

Today I have a random gardening question. I’m hoping that one of you will be able to answer it for me.

All the best gardening books and websites always tell you that it is important to talk kindly to your plants as it enhances their growth. As you are watering them just lean in and softly whisper sweet things to them. Evidently, it makes all the difference. I will admit that I have done this on a regular basis over many years and with many plants.


So, here is my random question that came to me after spending an hour in the yard pulling weeds.

Does anyone know who this Weed Whisperer is who goes from yard to yard encouraging their growth? I swear that they have not had any encouragement from me. In fact, I say some mean things to them that should stunt their growth.

So, does anyone know the Weed Whisperer? Let’s face it…that guy is really good at what he does!

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